Supporting people
from the first spark.

Your ideas are yours alone.
But you can’t build anything by yourself.

We know (from experience) that it takes a community to bring an idea to life.

We are not interested in planting gardens. We want to build a rainforest.

We are not into ordered, methodical planting of businesses or ideas where the process is tightly controlled. We want to build cultures that are creative, messy, and full of life. We want to increase access to talent, ideas, and capital wherever we work.

"Human ecosystems thrive when our behaviors and our culture allow individuals to interact in countless, unplanned, uncontrolled ways conducive to the blossoming of new ideas, new solutions, and new ventures. There is often deep value lurking in what seems at first frivolous, messy, and surprising."

-Victor Hwang, The Rainforest

What should we do next?

Feel free to shoot us a note. Tell us what you’d like as a maker or entrepreneur.

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A village for makers.

Everywhere ideas are.

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